Have you thought about moving into the country? Everyone has their own reasons for leaving the city behind; noise pollution, light pollution, safety, space, schools, community.

Away from city lights, the stars appear by the thousands keeping you mesmerized. The crickets sing gently into the evening. The children walk barefoot into a marshy ditch with their nets to catch frogs and tadpoles. Everyone says hello to you, and there is always someone to help out when you need it.

Country living provides refuge from a hectic day at work. It provides a safe environment to bring up your children. Living in a rural town results in life-long relationships. You can live as simply or as elaborate as you desire.

The unique small town setting that Argyle has to offer has been captured in film. Sundance Film Festival Nominee, The Good Life, starring Bill Paxton and Chris Klein was partially shot here. The Argyle General Store was the bus stop set.

Pioneer Quest; A Year In The Real West, was entirely filmed in the Argyle region. This reality television series aired on History Television. The homestead is located north east of the village and still offers tours of the 19th century pioneer settlement.

With the new millennium, Argyle celebrated the Homecoming 2000. This was a three day event in August that encompassed a parade, displays, social, breakfast and fellowship. In 2003, the Brant-Argyle School became a Provincial Historic Site. This is recognition that it is one of the last consolidated schools in the Province, and the best example of its style.